Care Link and Navigator Service

Nuway enables you to navigate the care system with ease

Nuway offers support to users of care services, to ensure needs are appropriatley met and that the care pathway becomes integrated.

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Transformation Agenda: Nuway Support’s Offer for the NHS; CCG’s and Local Authorities.

We have experience at Senior Management level internally in Integrated NHS/Local Authority Commissioning Services Pan London.

Care Navigator Service

Nuway Support Services have, for many years, developed our Independent Care Navigator offer.  This helps local authorities address both budget and quality perspectives in delivering market alternatives to internal services.

Our Team

Nuway Support Services founder, Jane Allen, leads on Brokerage Services works, with individuals in receipt of direct payments, along with those who pay full cost for their care.

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Matching Needs

Matching appropriate care services to the needs and wishes of individual clients fits the ‘Social Prescribing Agenda’ naturally when extended to CCG’s and GP Practices, in Navigating Care to avoid hospital admissions and GP Practice revolving door scenarios.

Strategic Management

Nuway Support Services also offer Strategic Management advice on how to develop better Care Navigation Services, in addition to how to commercially create better value for better outcomes.