Link/Care Navigator Service

Solutions for NHS England and its GP Practices

Link/Care Navigator Services

The NHS England’s own ‘General Practice – Forward View’ encourages Healthcare Practitioners and the Local Government Association “Vision” to help to understand improved ways to support CCG’s; Health Boards; Federations, Practices and Social Care introduce the high impact and active actions to signposting and care navigation.

We, at Nuway Support Services have established a respected process of connecting patient referrals through brokerage and social prescription via our link/care navigator services.

There are huge benefits in using our services, not least supporting the joint assessment process and patients ‘telling their story once’ route. With better access to Community; Family and Third Sector services, this greatly enhances the reduced ‘revolving door’ effect that creates so much over-crowding at GP Practices and Hospitals throughout England.

We would be delighted to be given the opportunity to present our outcomes-based processes. Being local, we know, many linked services that do provide an excellent offer in thinking local and acting towards personalised health care services.